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The Erskineville Kamikaze Canoeing Association

*98 Union Street,


NSW - 2043

Fax: 97443929

Phone: 9519 7600

Mobile: 0413386946


ATTENTION: Dear Fellow Adventurers, It is about time for another canoe trip. A weekend away from the city, just camping by the peaceful Barrington River, enjoying the great Oz outdoors, plus a little paddling, if you want. If you do not want to canoe then just sit around! Basically we set up camp on the Friday night and on Saturday paddle off down the river. Those who are not canoeing will take the cars down to the finish point at the end of the day and collect the paddlers. Kids are welcome and encouraged. I will judge how safe the river is for children, and for adults, on the day. All paddlers must have life jacket and safety helmet (supplied when hiring a canoe). All paddlers must agree and adhere to canoeing safety rules.


Details of the NEXT weekend trip are:

Date: Friday 6th November to Sunday 8th November 2020 (Please ask as these times may change)

Camp: Barrington & Cobark Creek junction, approx. 45Km north west of Gloucester (see map)

You bring: Tent & sleeping bags; cutlery/plates/cup, folding chairs/table, spare Tarpaulin if it rains, torch or gas light, bring own booze and food.

For Canoeing: Sun hat, old sandshoes, old long sleeve cotton shirt & thick woollen jumper, sun screen etc.

On Saturday Night we will join forces for a communal meal - veggies and some type of meat will do. 


*Getting there: Gloucester is about 3 ½ hrs drive north from Sydney. Some people may wish to travel in convoy. Give me a call and I will see if others are going at the same time as you. Most people will leave after peak hour on Friday night.

Attached is a map of the location of camp site on the Friday night. After reaching Gloucester turn left at the end of town (sign posted) and head towards the village of Barrington. Keep going past Barrington towards Copeland.

You will notice the camp site as you drive down from crossing the mountain range. The country flattens out just as you approach a concrete bridge over the river. Before the bridge, 30mt, is a track off to the left. You will most likely see the new toilet facilities and camp fires around - small flat grazing paddocks with trees on the banks of the river. Drive onto the paddock for about 300m or so and you should find us. I have a dark red '99 model Commodore. Just call out for me!


*Canoe hire: Call Roger and Irene at Barrington River Canoe Hire on 0265584249 and book your canoe. A double plastic Canadian canoe, known as a Woebegone, will cost about $110 for a weekend and a single kayak will cost $70. Ring them as soon as possible to book your canoe, it is a busy time of year. We can pick them up on Saturday morning or you can arrange with Roger to collect on Friday night. Don't forget roof racks and rope.


If anyone is interested in attending, either as a canoeist or just as a camper give me a call ASAP.


Looking forward to a good weekend away from Sydney.


David Horne


I will have my mobile on during Friday night 0413 386946 if you need contact.


We will have an organisational meeting at the above address on Tuesday night March 16th 7.30pm to organise transport, tents and sharing of equipment. If you can make it, great. If you can't give me a call that night to finalise details.


News: If the river is not very good this weekend - may need to decide if canoeing is a goer on the Sat morning. It might be an idea if you bring an air bed for a bit of upper river work - some interesting upper reaches!

* Trip details & Locations may change anytime, call for confirmation.



"TEKCA": was first founded with the minds of a group of intelligent & adventurers souls in 1973, we welcome all those who would like to give canoeing & camping a go, whether experienced or be it for the very first time.

We are an responsible group that have a respect & passions for Nature the way it was Intended to be, beautiful & unspoiled !!!

The rivers and areas we canoe range from, The Nymboida , Bathurst, Barrington, Gloucester, Shoalhaven, just to name a few ...... At BEST A Grade 5 Rapids in Extreme Wet Weather.

The Steps on Barrington river north west of Gloucester NSW.

"what's happening "

Out of the DEEP


Millie get off the Internet.              "NYMBOIDA" 


Submerged In a Kayak .


So for all those who are Adventurous enough, to ENJOY LIFE can join us & come along on a trip !!!

So it's up 2-U, just drop us a e-mail if you are interested.

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