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How to become Privately Power Independent

The Intelligent ways of implementing Truly independent Power Grid

by using Duel-Axis Solar Trackers & Energy storage.

Contribute to Saving the Plant yourself, as our Politicians wont!


Australian Made Cat furniture !

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Amaysim Mobile Plan

Winner of the Australian "Massage Therapist of the year"

Sydney Essential Health

Remedial, Sports, Injury Therapist.

Practitioners in high demand with wide skills range

(Winner of the "Australian Massage Therapist of the year")


Winner of the Australian Bathrooms & Kitchens of the year

Luke Interiors

Kitchens & Bathrooms around Dubbo & Parks

in Country NSW and Sydney.  Winner of many awards !

(Winner of several "Australian Bathrooms & Kitchens of the year")

Knewe Biosystems has carried out several studies with both Dairy production and Beef rearing,

that provide substantial financial returns from the use of Knewe™-Mg prebiotic in your herd.

"Meet the Balmain locals"

at Sofie's community events

Sumptuous variety of food will tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your hunger.

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The Worlds Most Fuel Efficent Engine.          The Worlds Most Fuel Efficent Engine.

Revetec Engines do not have a Crankshaft, a truly revolutionary invention !

One revolution of the centre drive shaft strokes each Piston six (6) times.

It is NOT a rotary engine, it has Pistons !

Independently tested as having the Worlds Most Fuel Efficient internal combustion petrol engine.

(39.9% efficient and 1/2 the size of a "Conventional Engine")

Go see this Great Australian invented engine

Huntly Highland Organic Grassfed Angus Beef www.HuntlyHighlandBeef.com



Winner of the Australian "Massage Therapist of the year"
Thompson Couplings
Another Revolutionary Australian invention.
Constant Velocity Joints and Motor Couplings.

(Winner of "Awards

This Gold Pan is currently the 3 times winner of the "Australian Gold Championships"
The Australian Winged Keel Gold Pan
as well as other Prospecting Equipment.
(3 time winner of the "Australian Gold Championships")
Coates Cylinder Head (Engine)
This Cylinder Head uses SRV (Spherical Rotary Valve)
These is Not oil or normal valves or springs used.
Bicycle Repairs Rozelle/Balmain Area
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VOIP with engin
Why Pay Telstra $35 line rental ? When you can make FREE Local & National calls via your broadband, using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and also receive a new Free phone number or bring your old number over.


See the Chopper Read film at SCOPE RED.

Scope Red the makers of Affordable, Professional Video and Film productions.


KS Computer Technology
For over 25yrs, we have purchased our equipment from this company, we have found them to have a great reputation for honesty and down to earth communication.
Now located in, Auburn, Stanmore and Neutral bay.

Reconciliation Australia is the body established to provide a continuing national focus for reconciliation following the end of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation in December 2000.

This site contains all the documents and history of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation for the ten-year period of their existence to December 2000.
Australian Securities & Investment Commission
(Australian company details)
(Support for Australian Industry)
Australian Stock Exchange
(The name says it all)
Prime Minister of Australia
(Speeches and policies)
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