Handling and Transportation charges.  

We highly recommend Barnett's Transport for Brisbane to Melbourne deliveries, and TOLL Freight company for National distribution!

We pass our commercial rates onto our customers at cost, so you will save.

We No-longer use or recommend TNT Freight company, due the the deceptive and fraudulent actions of an employee Mr Reece J Steel, that lied to protect his job, and TNT Lawyers were no better, as they were not interested in the Truth, choosing to believe the lies told by there employee Mr Rheece J Steel !

This page will indicate approximately how much it will cost you to freight a product to your Capital City or from the truck at your address. To freight to Country areas within in your State, see the On-forwarding rates to Country areas in your state.

However, we do all this for you when you request a Quotation.

Because Carpet is bulky and not very heavy, a cubic weight Allowance may have to be used. The following charges are approximate, as other aspects may affect the final delivery cost. The weight of our Natural Floorcoverings range from approx. 2.00~4.00Kg per sq metre. Use this Pop-UP INSTANT FREIGHT calculatorPop-Up page. to work out the approximate weight and cost of any product for transportation.

 From SYDNEY to city,
"State Weight Rate"
cost Per Kg: cost Per Kg: cost Per Kg:  cost Per Kg: 
If you want to send a product to, Tasmania, Northern Territory or Country areas see the, On-forwarding Rates.
 Brisbane   Melbourne   Adelaide   Perth 
0 ~ 250kg  $ 1.10 $ 1.10 $ 1.55 $ 1.80
NB: There is a consignment charge of: $10.00 per order.
  Their is a Cubic Weight Allowance of 250 Kg/m3
 Freight terms: Are Pre-Paid ONLY  


Freight company allows a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes for delivery to be efficient, we instruct TOLL to leave on first delivery, so you need to track your freight & make sure someone is there to take delivery, NB: If no one is there to take delivery, it may be taken back to the Freight depot for collection. If it is necessarily to redeliver, an additional charge of $25+ may apply.


All goods are (*)automatically insured against risk of physical loss or damage. Insurance is approx. 1% of the cost of the goods.

To this day, we have never had any damage or loss of a shipment to a customer!

Cubic Allowance:

Because some freight is bulky and not very heavy, the "cubic Allowance" quoted, represents the number of kilograms per cubic metre on which charges will be calculate. The charge will be based on whichever is the greater of the actual weight of the consignment or the cubic measurement of the consignment multiplied by the cubic allowance (250 Kg/m3).

As a general rule, a full roll of ribbed Coir will be approx. 4.00mt x 80cm x 80cm, a full roll of ribbed sisal will be approx. 4.00mt x 50cm x 50cm. Eg: If the product is a single run of Coir carpet (10mt x 4mt = 40sq mt, it will weigh around 100Kg) and when rolled and wrapped for transport the 100Kg is calculated at being 0.65 cubic metre (4mt x .40 x .40 = 0.65m3), this means that you have to multiply 0.65 x 250KG to give you the cubic freight rate of 162.5Kg. If you want, test our calculator by entering 162.5Kg as the Consignment Weight and if going to Brisbane, the rate will be $0.30Kg and it will cost you $119.75 +GST.

On-forwarding Rates and Zones.

On-forwarding is the delivery services of a consignment from each capital city to a particular area. We deliver to all locations outside the metropolitan areas of each capital city of Australia, this includes Tasmania and Northern Territory. If you require this service you will need to add the additional On-forwarding rate onto the capital city rate.

If this is all to difficult for you to work out, just fill out this form (Australia ONLY) including the square metres of product you require and we will get back to you with a Free NO obligation quotation, ASAP.



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