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 Bare feet and bedrooms. 

Our natural fiber floorcoverings are not as soft as a good quality conventional carpets, that does not mean it is uncomfortable for bare feet, after a day or two to get used to the slightly firmer sensation underfoot and almost anyone will be happy with Sisal, Seagrass or Coir on the stairs, lounge, dining, bedroom or nurseries floors etc.

We highly suggest you install your carpet on Bridgestone AirStep 9mm super blue rubber underlay or 9mm textile blend with 30% wool 70% recycled textile, these quality underlay is more expensive than the domestic rubbish type underlay sold by the majority of carpet outlets.

 Bathrooms and kitchens. 

As the natural alternative to modern piled carpet, our natural floorcoverings can be used wherever carpet is used.

Bathrooms are usually no problem provided not too much water is continually splashed about and a bath mat is used. (heaps of wet towels left on the floor are not to be recommended for any carpet). Kitchens, however, should be treated rather less cautiously. Neither carpet nor natural floorcovering will be happy next to the cooker or the sink (sisal in a serviceable colour with a stain inhibiting treatment would be a reasonable exception to the rule ), although in a large country type kitchen, a Natural Coir, Seagrass or Sisal rug would be recommended and can perfectly offset the gleam of copper or the glow of other surfaces, see our RUGS.

 Cleaning and Maintenance. 

The latex backings of Natural Floorcoverings ensure easy maintenance. Regular vacuuming with a quality vertical cylinder type vacuum cleaner with beater brushes will keep them clean and relatively dust free as the latex backing prevents the build up of grime beneath. As with most carpets, staining can be minimised by prompt action after spillage and of course, the lighter toned materials will benefit particularly from our stain inhibition treatment. Should a stain prove stubborn we recommend you take a look at theses Stain Removal charts.

One stain removal product we recommend for our natural fiber carpet is called "DRY MAGIC", this is an Australian made powder, the base product may leave a slight residue that does not attract dust and a reoccurring stain, if the product is not totally removed, a treatment which is notably effective on natural fibers can be purchased at most Bunnings and various hardware stores.

With proper care and maintenance on a regular basis, Natural Floorcoverings will prove equally, if not more practical than conventional carpet.

 Stairs & Landings. 

Despite certain prejudices to the contrary ( usually from incorrect installation procedures ), natural floorcoverings generally work very well on stairs. It is essential that the materials are correctly installed with the longitudinal weave at 90o to the riser and fixed securely, it is best to install Architectural smoothedging (wider than domestic), the cheap way is to stapling it down, but you will not get the correct stretch.

It is essential to use a heavy duty underlay, this allows the carpet an appropriate bedding to break the sharp front edge of a step, a sharp step edge contributes in the premature wearing.

Stairs that carry heavy or industrial traffic may at a later date need to have some form of protective nosing fitted to the front edge of the tread or be prepared to replace the material over time (to our knowledge no carpet manufacturer will give a WARRANTY to any carpet that is installed on steps or stairs).

 Installations & the 10 TRUTHS 

All Carpets should be Installed on Architectural smoothedge (not the domestic smoothedge) with dimensionally stable underlay that will reduces excessive movement after correct installation (especially over polished or smooth sub-floor).

A quality soft but firm underlay reduces the abrasive impact that causes premature wearing, this type of underlay will promote resilience and extend the life of your carpet. If time is taken heat tape joins should be reasonably invisible, in some cases they may be slightly apparent especially if they are sewn, we have long abandoned sewing joins as modern heat tapes and bonding glue applied whilst joining gives you an almost invisible join in our natural fiber floorcoverings, it is best to plan the layout of the runs so that the joins are in the most unobtrusive places as well as out of heavy traffic paths.

The most difficult procedure for most Installers/Fitters is the Joining of these natural fiber carpets correctly, follow that link to find a detailed explanation that up until now has been one of our best kept & guarded trade secrets. You may ask; why are we divulging this ? ...Because of the apparent lack of skilled installers, so we think it about time that this skill needs to be passed down to the journeymen of our trade, as unfortunately it is often difficult to find a competent installer that knows how to Join & Install these carpets (other that the Lazy "Direct stick method" that gives you no underfoot comfort), let alone find an installers that wants to take the time that is required to Join & Stretch these natural fiber carpets correctly.

Our natural fiber carpets can be stuck direct to the floor or installed with an underlay.  In either case there are modern adhesives available which ensure simple, mess free uplift - in other words you need not be left with a sticky aftermath all over your cherished floorboards !

Natural fiber floorcoverings should be installed by an experienced fitter of at least Woven Carpets (old school knowledge) as each natural carpet fiber has it's own special installation characteristics and procedures that should to be strictly adhered to, unless you want problems in the future.  This is often one of the most underestimated and overlooked areas.

If you are unable to find a local stockist, we freight or products Nationally at cost price ! (we do not make a profit on freight)


Most natural fibers are reasonably hard wearing. All Natural floorcoverings are suitable for domestic situations, and many for light & heavy contract use.

With proper care they will last a long time, although the exact life expectancy will obviously depend on the amount of traffic. Even if they do start to show a little wear, this will often affect neither their appearance nor their function adversely. However, where heavy footfall is expected it is essential to use a superior underlay or an appropriate loose laid mats to protect the floorcovering, or we can repair and patch excessive wear areas, they are usually behind the counter or in narrow &/or high traffic areas.

 Stain inhibition treatment. 

We offer a solvent based tried and tested stain inhibition treatment that can be applied to the floorcovering prior to despatch or applied on site. This treatment consists of a special protective spray which forms an invisible shield around each fiber, this application is highly recommended in dining rooms, restaurants, clubs or any area that you consider above average soiling areas, if quickly treated most spills can usually be mopped up with absorbent paper or a sponge and the chance of staining the floorcovering is greatly reduced.

If you are unsure of how to treat a stain or spillage, search this page for a reference.

However if you have a stubborn stain that returns only after a short time, see this information about Returning Stains

 Carpet Samples. 

We operate an efficient sampling system (small FREE samples within Metropolitan Sydney). In addition to small individual samples. If you require larger samples, we can arrange and loan them out to make it easier to select your choice of natural floorcoverings.

NB: Due to an overwhelming requests we do NOT provide samples unless you pay the postage and handling fee after you fill out a Contact form.


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