How to Measure and Estimate the Carpet Runs from a Floor Plan.

This is where you can save a lot of Time and Money prior to the day of installation, all you need to do is be able to draw and apply measurements to a plan of the room (or area) you are going to cover, then forward this plan to us for an Estimate.

In order to work out how much floorcovering you will need;

  • firstly you must know "how to Draw up a Plan" as well as apply the appropriate measurements.
  • secondly you must work out the length and layout of the runs, in relation to your plan, this is a very important step to keep wastage and offcuts to a minimum.

The pages below show you a standard mathematical formula used to calculate the area of any known shape or size, we have use this formula with 4mt wide Runs of carpet.

However, if all this is to hard, you can simply contact us and book in for an On-site Measure and Estimate.

These floor plans show you how to, draw, measure and calculate the Run layout of Carpet.

Single Room Plan

Single Room Installation.

Multi Room Plan

Multi Room Installation.

Full House Plan

Full House Installation.

NB: There are many ways to install these simple examples shown above, whereby the correct installation largely depends on the location of, walls, exit and entry points through doors, stairs, ramps as well as open area access points, this is known as traffic flow, but most importantly the correct, Underlays and Installation methods are extremely detrimental in the effect of the short and long term 'wear and tear' of all floorcoverings.

Have a look at our Floorcovering budget estimator, you will get a better idea of what costs to expect !

Next, you will need to workout the length of the Runs needed to cover your Area. If you already have a Floor Plan(s) of your Room (or area), go straight to our Detailed INSTANT Floorcovering Estimators , these estimators will give a far more accurate costing by simply entering the, Length of your Runs, the Price of the Floorcoverings, the Underlay required and the amount of Take-Up (if any), our Detailed Estimator even allows for, Smoothedge, Adhesives and Stain-Guarding etc.

Obviously, an Onsite measure will give the most accurate Estimate of the total charges, for the supply and installation of all materials and labour.