Floorcovering Budget Estimator

This page gives you the opportunity to instantly estimate the quantity of Natural Floorcoverings you may require and a general guide as to the budget you may require based upon the various materials and floorcovering price ranges shown below.

Fill in the width and length of each room or area and then click the Calculate button.

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The estimation Results below provides a simple guide of what price to expect based on the, square metres calculated in the area calculator above.

Price calculator (#)



 Cut, Make & Installations: $15.00 


Blue Rubber Underlay: $10.00 

Seagrass Matting: $14.00 

Seagrass Carpet: $23.00 

Coir Carpet: $28.00 

(Outback) Sisal Carpet: $37.00 

(Bordeaux) Sisal Carpet: $59.00 

(Vogue) Sisal Carpet: $79.00 

 excludes the on-charge GST and Extras.

NB: The budget prices provided here are only a guide. It is strongly recommended that you contact us then forward your plans for evaluation, via email or post, alternatively you could consult one of your local carpet retailers or wholesalers to arrange for a detailed and accurate calculation of the amount of carpet required before you purchase.

An estimate provided by another retailer/wholesaler may not calculate for a 4mt wide carpet, and most likely they may not be willing to give you a copy of their plan(s) so as to allow you to shop around.

(#) Taking into account the many installation variables such as, minimum installation charge, pattern matching, run direction, irregular room shapes, carpet widths, wastage (offcuts), underlays, out of hours work etc. will all contribute to the final total cost.